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23 08 2017

The Escapists 2 Game

The Escapists 2

The Escapists brought a new breath to the Sandbox genre: prison shoots with detailed simulation and simple pixel graphics, from which some even went crazy. Moldy Toof decided to continue the excitement by releasing an improved, new The Escapists 2.

The player will again have to develop sophisticated shoots from imprisonment, this time trying to find ways from more unfavorable places: for example, from a prison located in space. Or from an uninterrupted wandering train. Or from a Soviet-Siberian prison, located deep in the tundra. In general, from places at the sight of which there is a permanent feeling of hopelessness.

To develop and implement the plan will have to behave like an exemplary prisoner: on schedule, go for walks and gatherings, perform public work, wash in the shower (without lifting soap) and, of course, go to bed on a general release. But on the Friv 2 site, you can take advantage of this: take the forks from the dining room to the camera, get the scotch from the library, steal some medicines on the examination, then exchange it for a heavy bit ... The Escapists 2 offers more freedom - there is no doubt about it.

A particularly clever plan can now be implemented together with friends (in co-ops up to four people), playing with the help of the Internet, or on one screen in Split-Screen mode. Or to clash with them on the speed of escape. By the way, tricks may not be required, since a new boevku was introduced into the game, thanks to which it is possible to capture the entire prison without any thought - here, however, the maximum cohesion within the team will be required, since the adversaries - guards - are well armed and dangerous.

The Escapists 2 game became more solid than its predecessor and, of course, more interesting. Especially in the cooperative mode.

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