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06 09 2016

Minecraft The Car Mod

Minecraft The Car Mod

MineCraft World is limitless and explore it completely on my own two feet is almost unreal. But if you prefer to travel and arrangement of digging mines, you should pay attention to fashion The Car Mod v.2.2.

It adds a very real cars. Now you can move not only in trolleys on rails, but also in any direction of a personal vehicle. To build up the world of Minecraft games trails and highways, tunnels and underground garages - from this it will become only more interesting. As for the cars, they are quite fast and well dispersed. So it is possible to arrange a real race, frightening monsters engine roar and tires squeal.

Available commands

W / A / S / D - forward / back / left / right;
Shift - the brake;
C - Inventory of your car.

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